We can add on a new living room, master suit, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, or expand an existing room to allow for more open space. We have years of experience with very diverse houses. No situation is an impossible one. We can help you find the best way to maximize your space. We can get you what you need without having to relocate and go through the trouble of buying a new house. We will help you fall in love with your house and also add worth and style. The new addition will match up to the old house to look natural and complete. No addition is too small or too large.
Interior Remodeling
We can fully gut your house and build back completely new or change any feature that needs updating. New flooring, trim, paint, drywall, kitchen cabinets and bathrooms can make a huge difference to your house. Wall removal is a great way to open up space or close off space by framing a new room. We can remove outdated aspects of your house and replace with beautiful new craftsmanship.
Exterior Remodeling
New siding, roofing, windows and doors can make your house more energy efficient and watertight. We can install new soffit, fascia and gutters. We can add foam insulation behind new siding. Exterior remodeling is very practical while also giving your house a face lift. We can add an open gable to your porch, add on a new porch, or accommodate to any of your needs/wants.
We have done multilevel decks, disability ramps, small decks and big decks. We can install pergolas over top of a new or old deck to give it a new and modern look.